Marketing dollars are often throttled when market conditions are not promising. Ironically yet, the mantle to bring momentum back sits squarely on the CMO's shoulder. 

When faced with conflicting priorities, you need to adopt strategies, processes and techniques that will help you to adapt to external changes and to steer the organization through the uncertainty. Most companies are right now focusing on marketing automation and finding innovative ways to increase ROI. With several options available, it can be difficult to find a complete marketing automation solution that suits your changing needs. 

Ambit Software and SugarCRM invite you to join this webinar to help you answer some of your key marketing automation challenges and give you the ability to control and manage marketing campaigns with well-informed decisions for best Marketing ROI. 

Pick valuable insights from our hosts:

  • Logan Henderson, GM - Sugar Market, SugarCRM
  • Gopal Vaidyanathan, Senior Vice President, Ambit Software

There will be Q&A session at the end of the webinar where you will get the chance to ask your questions to our experts

  • Relevance of marketing during uncertain times
  • Guidance on “mapping” out a plan for the next 12 months
  • Reduce cost and improve ROI
  • Sugar Market - a function-rich, easy to use marketing automation platform from SugarCRM
  • Key takeaways of the webinar will be available to all attendees through a free whitepaper, “Growth Marketing during Uncertain Times”, written exclusively by our marketing experts.

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